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Been awhile...a loooonnnngggg while.

Where to begin? I had pretty much given up on the whole blogging thing, but thought differently about it recently for a couple reasons. I have a little down time right now, which is great. AND, I have given out a particular email address that advertises that I have a web page, and on that web page I have a link to this blog. So, I figured the proper thing to do would be to revive this puppy and start writing again. Even if just sporadically. So, what have I been up to that's noteworthy? Hmm...well remember that blurb up above about a little down time? You don't? Crap it's one paragraph ago, keep up people. Anyway, I decided that it would be a great time to schedule a doctor's appointment. We have a software freeze at work so we can't really roll out any projects until February, I have the last week of January scheduled to take a 5-day course for ICND2 (to attempt to pass the ensuing exam and become a fully certified Network Associate of the Cisco variety.