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C.M. Burns

Every week (mon-fri), I get up at the hemorrhaging crack of dawn to make myself feel confident that I made a wise investment in my gym membership. What makes these trips so special (aside from the fact that I've lost 18 lbs - yes, I do feel better and I AM quite proud of myself, thank you for asking), is that there are some pretty, um, let's call them "special" people that also share my morning routine. I don't mean that these people are mentally challenged (depending on your definition of the term), but I'd say there are a few that probably have someone living with them so they don't hurt themselves. The subject of today's blog is one of those such persons, except he tends to forget his care provider at home. He probably does something crafty, like turn off his nurse's alarm clock the night before (cause at his age, he can't sleep before 2:00), and sneaks out in time to enjoy sharing a locker room with me. I also must mention that when I first